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This is Us – Behind

We know these Companies are the biggest in the South African Ecommerce circle, but they also started somewhere, same as Karnallie.

Our journey started with an Idea in late 2019 where we wanted to help South Africans get their unique handmade products online to a wider audience of buyers and the Karnallie Pty (Ltd) company was established February 2020 just before Covid-19 made South Africans go into lockdown.
With the lockdown downing everyone we knew that now more than ever we needed to get our suppliers products out there because this is their livelihood, this is what they do to support their families.
We are starting small but we know we can deliver big and keep our clients coming back for more.

We are a small family driven online business that can deliver big with the simple principle that our customers come first.
We are passionate about providing great customer experiences, beginning with the moment you land on our site, until the product you order is delivered safely into your hands. is dedicated to improving the customer experience, from the moment you arrive on the website and place an order to when it arrives at your door.

The family lives and breathes a set of core values which one of the biggest is Integrity, the integrity to deliver a quality product and have customers come back, not our products and this represents how we think and how we operate on a daily basis.

We want to know our customers. We want to be a part of their lives.
We want each experience they have with us to leave them with a smile.
We hope you enjoy what we have to over and that you will support us.

Kind Regards
The Karnallie Team.